Blue, White, Pink



PVC viscose six-link hook, PVC viscose, strong adsorption, wall hanging does not take up space

Six movable hooks, large capacity storage

The hook joint can be rotated by 180°, which can be attached to the corner of the wall to make full use of the corner space.

PVC adhesive, strong adsorption, no punching, no damage to the wall

PP material, sturdy and thick, wearable and durable

PVC adhesive, it is not easy to stick

Name: Free punching hook

Size: about 37*7cm

Material: PP PVC ABS

Gross weight: 50g

Color: blue, white, pink


Summary: PP hook, durable, PVC adhesive, strong adsorption, practical 6 hooks, large capacity storage, with 6 movable hooks, installed on walls, corners, etc., hanging towels, bath balls, etc. It can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Package Included:

1* row hook