White, Pink


  • This creative clothes hanger was made of high quality PP plastic, no smell, holds up to 30 pounds.Designed to withstand everyday usage suitable for dress, tshirts, jacket sweaters, heavy coat etc..

  • It is an essential purchase for home use or travel clothes, holds up to 8 pieces by one hanger. 4X space saving than normal hangers keep your clothes neat and tidy in your bedroom closet.

  • The hanger can be rotated(180 degrees) to the opposite direction for deformation when you pick up the sundried clothes, and hang them easily in your wardrobe without taking off your clothes.

  • A wider shoulder hanger allows your clothes to leave no trace and also haves the function of non-slip. You will not worry about your clothes falling off.

  • Designed with 360 degree , easy and flexible to access and convenient to steam your garment.The intelligent button design make it easy to take off the clothes, protect the collar from loose.